How does the Georgia delegation stack up on spending cuts?

Last week, the Club for Growth, a DC-based organization that promotes pro-growth policies and less government spending, released a scorecard on 25 votes in the House that would have reduced spending. The proposed cuts scored were mostly, if not all, amendments to spending bills brought before the House. You can view the list of amendments here.

I believe five of them were introduced by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) and one by Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA). Unfortunately, only three of the 25 amendments passed, including one offered by Rep. Broun.

You can see how your representatives from Georgia voted on the proposed cuts below.

Lawmaker District Party Score Ratio
Paul Broun GA-10 Republican 100% 25/25
Tom Graves GA-9 Republican 100% 25/25
Rob Woodall GA-7 Republican 100% 25/25
Tom Price GA-6 Republican 88% 22/25
Phil Gingrey GA-11 Republican 88% 22/25
Austin Scott GA-8 Republican 84% 21/25
Lynn Westmoreland GA-3 Republican 72% 18/25
Jack Kingston GA-1 Republican 32% 8/25
John Barrow GA-12 Democratic 16% 4/25
Hank Johnson GA-4 Democratic 4% 1/25
John Lewis GA-5 Democratic 4% 1/25
Sanford Bishop GA-2 Democratic 0% 0/25
David Scott GA-13 Democratic 0% 0/23

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  1. And yet Graves, Woodall, Broun and the rest of the republicans in the Georgia delegation voted yes on H.R. 5855, which increases spending on the TSA. Hypocrites all.

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