Advance voting begins in Georgia

Advance voting in Georgia’s presidential preference primary is now underway (it started yesterday). Voters may now visit early voting locations in their counties to cast a ballot ahead of the March 6th primary. You can find early voting locations by contacting your local county registrar.

Remember that Georgia has an open primary; meaning that you don’t have to register as a Republican or Democrat. We’re essentially all independents. You’ll be asked whether you want a Republican or Democratic party ballot when you go to vote. Early voting will end on Friday, March 2nd.

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  1. Republicans Need To Be United!

    While Mitt Romney tries to unify the republican electorate and restore a sense of patriotism in America, you have some liberals in the main stream media trying to destroy the integrity of the GOP candidates and the credibility of the republican party.

    The Republican party and America needs a proven leader like Mitt Romney who will defend our rights , our values, our freedoms, our country and inspire Americans to “Believe In America”.

    Mitt Romney lead the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City and has once again in 2012 demonstrated the same leadership on the campaign trail as the candidate of choice to lead the Republican party to victory.

    It is now time for Republicans, the tea party folks, libertarians, conservative media and all Americans to rally behind Mitt Romney and stand united ready to defeat Pres. Obama in the November general election.

    United We Stand!

    “We The People” video

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