Amazon to launch Netflix-style service for eBooks, the libertarian-founded enterprise, is rumored to be launching a Netflix-style service for eBooks: Inc. is talking with book publishers about launching a Netflix Inc.-like service for digital books, in which customers would pay an annual fee to access a library of content, according to people familiar with the matter.

It’s unclear how much traction the proposal has, the people said. Several publishing executives said they aren’t enthusiastic about the idea because they believe it could lower the value of books and because it could strain their relationships with other retailers that sell their books, they said.
Amazon has told publishers it is considering creating a digital-book library featuring older titles, people familiar with the talks said. The content would be available to customers of Amazon Prime, who currently pay the retailer $79 a year for unlimited two-day shipping and for access to a digital library of movies and TV shows.

Amazon would offer book publishers a substantial fee for participating in the program, people familiar with the proposal said. Some of these people said that Amazon would limit the amount of books that Amazon Prime customers could read for free every month.

It is unclear whether any publishers have signed on. Publishing executives would rather have people buy their books, and they are concerned that participating in the program could create the impression among consumers that books have little inherent real value. “What it would do is downgrade the value of the book business,” said one publishing executive.

I guess I need to buy a Kindle, something I’ve tried to avoid. I used to have an iPad and I had the Kindle app on it, but I stopped using the damn thing and sold it. The iPhone basically does the same thing. Believe it or not, I prefer traditional books; though I can’t explain why. But this service does actually sound more up my alley since I don’t usually pick up a book again after reading it.

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  1. You ain’t the only one sticking to books.

    My hunch is there is an aesthetic pleasure to the act of reading a book that actually does impact your retention and processing of the ideas in them.

    Nietzsche’s quote “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking” in a way comes to mind as he’s noting the peripatetic act which has a long tradition in Western Philosophy going back to before Aristotle, and its impacts on the ideas you conceive; but i think the point holds true for the question of how you read as well.

    The act of reading a book as its core not only is different, but in some way achieves a different level of comprehension than on a flat screen.

    1. Maybe that’s it, I don’t know. It may be that I spend so much time on computers working or on my cell phone that I want something “old school,” like a book.

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