RNC fires staffer for

The RNC has already fired the staffer responsible for the charges at a West Hollywood strip club that showed up on the organization’s disclosure:

A Republican National Committee staffer was dismissed Monday for his role in party money being used to reimburse a $2,000 tab at a California strip club.
The bill for the trip to the Voyeur West Hollywood — a bondage-themed nightclub where topless dancers imitate lesbian sex — showed up on a monthly disclosure report to the Federal Election Commission.
The RNC has since announced that it will be reimbursed by donor Erik Brown, who billed it for the sum last month.
The RNC moved to reassure supporters.
“We recognize the difficulty this incident has caused and assure our members and supporters that any necessary and proper remediation is being implemented immediately,” the spokesman said.
“It is unfortunate that a loyal GOP donor who has recruited other donors became involved in this incident while merely trying to help what turned out to be the improper request of a staffer who is no longer with the committee.”

It’s hard to believe that a staffer would be that negligible.