Georgia Republicans hypocritical on stimulus

Some Georgia Republicans are seeking stimulus money for their districts despite voting against it:

Rep. Phil Gingrey blasted the federal stimulus program before voting against it in February, predicting its chances of success were “slim and none” and that it would worsen the national debt.
But that didn’t stop the Republican from presenting an oversized check for $625,000 in federal stimulus funds to Cedartown officials this month for new downtown sidewalks, landscaping and other streetscape improvements. A photo of him holding the check with Cedartown officials appeared on the front page of The Cedartown Standard newspaper Oct. 8. The check was signed “Uncle Sam.”
Gingrey isn’t the only Republican congressman to oppose the stimulus program and then later associate himself with the spending from it. Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston’s office has been sending out news releases announcing federal funding for his constituents without mentioning the money comes from the stimulus program. And The Associated Press reported in August that the state’s Republican senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, asked Defense Secretary Robert Gates to steer $50 million in stimulus money to a constituent’s bioenergy project. Gates didn’t do it, the AP reported.

You took a stand against a bad bill for the right reasons. It’s hypocritical to suddenly wanting something you said would damage the economy just so you can tell your district you’re bringing home the bacon.

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  1. DonnieChaffin | October 21, 2009 at 8:08 am |

    I wouldn’t call that hypocritical. You can be sure that every penny of the “stimulus” is going to be spent somewhere and the people of Cedartown are on the hook for their portion of it. They might as well get some benefit from it.
    I’m completely against Social Security, but I have no choice but to pay into it. You can bet I’m going to take the payments when eligible (if there’s anything still there when I get old enough). It’s not hypocritical. It’s simply trying to recoup some of my losses.

  2. Our good politicians have to talk out of both sides of their faces. That is their game. And we pay for it.

  3. Ron Williams | October 21, 2009 at 10:22 pm |

    Donnie,I totally agree with you on the stimulus money. If the money ia on the table, I would hope my congressmen and senators would be all over it. This should apply to all Americans. After all, it is our money in the first place.

  4. If they get the money I hope it is used wisely and not for some pet project. And as you say the money is ours to begin with.

  5. It is so hypocritical to complain about this spending and then stand in line for a cut of it. Be principled.

  6. DonnieChaffin | October 22, 2009 at 10:22 pm |

    It’s really easy to be principled when it doesn’t affect you or anyone you care about. Most of the people in my circle of close friends are fiscally conservative. Most of them thought it was a bad idea for Bush to borrow $600 on their behalf so they could get a rebate check, knowing full well that the debt was going to be passed on to their children and grandchildren. You want to take a wild guess on how many of them refused the money? The answer is zero.
    If you sent your check back, my hat’s off to you.

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