Members from Georgia wasting your money

That $1.4 million local governments are spending to lobby members of Congress is apparently paying off as a few of the members of Georgia’s congressional delegation continue to bring home pork:

A look at the disclosures posted in recent weeks by Georgia’s congressional delegation shows that many are for major infrastructure programs, such as $12 million to create a disaster response center at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport; $9 million for clean-fuel MARTA buses and $2 million to extend U.S. 41/Cobb Parkway.
But others are more obscure.
Rep. Sanford Bishop has requested $400,000 for the South Carolina-based National Wild Turkey Federation to explore ways to help with forestry management using seedlings from Georgia. Bishop also requested nearly $1.2 million to go toward researching how to get children and aging adults to eat more peanuts for health reasons.
Atlanta Democrat Rep. John Lewis requested $600,000 for an edible garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, among other projects.
Rep. David Scott, also an Atlanta Democrat, requested $1.6 million for road improvements along the Six Flags Corridor in South Cobb County and $1 million for a New York organization that works with the University of Georgia on beef research.
Earmarks have no political or monetary boundaries, however.
Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss requested more than $3 billion to continue work on his biggest pet project, the F-22 Raptor fighter jet built in Marietta. The Defense Department has said it doesn’t need more planes and wants to use the money instead for other defense projects.
Chambliss also has requested tens of millions more for other defense-related projects.

The article notes three principled members from Georgia, Paul Broun, Tom Price and Lynn Westmoreland, that refuse to request earmarks.
Some of the wasteful projects request for Georgia include:
– $10 million for lithium battery research
– $1.2 million for peanut research
– $1 million for to promote American beef
– $600,000 for the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Edible Garden
– $200,000 to promote goat meat research
You can see other pork projects requested by members from Georgia by heading over to the Taxpayers for Common Sense website.

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