Saxby’s decline

Insider Advantage has an article on the decline of Saxby Chambliss:

What went wrong with Saxby Chambliss’ campaign that his lead in a race he was expected to win handily now is within the margin of error in polling? Some Republicans already are blaming strategist Tom Perdue for an effort they claim lacked luster, organization and vision. Perdue, who acknowledged Wednesday that a runoff is “a possibility,” said the forces at play in this election were beyond anyone’s control.
“It has nothing to do with (Democrat) Jim Martin,” said Perdue. “Anybody who was on the ballot would be where he is right now.”
When the year began, no one took Chambliss’ re-election task very seriously, and, indeed, Democrats had a hard time coming up with a “name” candidate to put forward against him. One of them had such a tough time gaining traction that he hauled himself up a tower in the dead of winter to attract attention.
But this has been anything but a conventional year in national politics, and the battle for Chambliss’ seat has been exactly the same.

Check out the alarmist rhetoric that Perdue pushes here:

“Nobody knew that within 36 hours banks were going to start failing around the world, and that’s what happened. And for roughly 10 days, not only our country, but most of the countries in the world, were in free fall. And our campaign momentum came to almost a stop. And that’s when the national Democrats capitalized on it, and that’s when they took control of the Martin campaign,” the strategist said.

That is so over the top. That’s why the federal government is bailing out banks that are in no financial trouble at all.
Perdue is catching part of the heat for the poor campaign Chambliss has run. He turned down help from the RSCC and the ads have been ineffective. According to the article, unidentified Republicans sources say it looks like Perdue is running a “running a bad state House race,” calling it “embarrassing campaign.” But check out these two comments:

“Saxby’s reputation is that he’s spent six years in Washington playing golf. He’s gone on lots of trips. He hasn’t done the down-and-dirty constituent work.
“Saxby bragged about it his first four years – how much golf he was getting in. It was a real problem and it irked a lot of people.”

Wow. Must be nice. If I were Martin and Buckley, I would hammer that in Sunday’s debate and begin running ads with it.
IA closes the article with this comment from Perdue:

As for Chambliss’ affinity for the links, he said, “Saxby’s not played golf in this campaign – at least to my knowledge, he hasn’t. He’s worked as hard this race as in 2002. Where he’s catching the criticism from is from some who don’t feel he really should work with the Democrats – remember the “Gang of 10” and then the “Gang of 20” – to lower the price of oil.”

Part of the Gang of 10 proposal (same as the Gang of 20) was a $30 billion tax increase on oil companies. Where do Tom Perdue and Sen. Saxby Chambliss think that increase was going to go? It would have been paid for by consumers with increased prices.