Podcast with Herman Cain

This is by far the best podcast we’ve had. Herman Cain is a fun person to chat with. He has so much insight on so many issues. One thing I like about him as opposed to other Republicans is because he talks about economic liberty, which is his forte…and he doesn’t talk much about social issues. He stays true to the idea that if we have economic liberty, many social ills will solve themselves.

Among the topics discussed are capitalism, the 2006 mid-terms, the 2008 Presidential race and whether Mr. Cain will run for elected office again.

You can download the podcast here (28 MB and just over 30 minutes in length).

A big thanks to “Mattdog” for arranging the interview.

The music used in the podcast is “The Rising Tide” by Zao.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Club for Growth readers!

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  1. Is the podcast on iTunes?

  2. Yes, search “JasonPye.com”.

  3. The conversational style of the interview is very easy to follow. I really enjoyed both of the podcasts, and am looking forward to future Pyecasts. I’m heading into the iTunes directory to subscribe right now.

  4. Awesome! You’re a natural. And, congratulations on scoring this insightful interview!

  5. It would be helpful to those of us who don’t use iTunes if you put a link to your podcast feed on your blog page. It’s http://feeds.feedburner.com/jasonpye which I had to find by first subscribing using iTunes, then exporting, then reading the resulting opml, then subscribing in my podcast receiving tool. Just a suggestion.

  6. I was just going through and listening to a few… A bit surprised to hear my own [mispronounced] name in the Steve Davis podcast… 🙂

  7. Dear Mr. Cain,
    I am writing to urge you to reconsider your stance on running for Chair of the Georgia Republican Party. What better place to help shape the policy issues that affect the lives of Georgians.
    We as a Party need direction to lead us into the future. Thank you for all you do.
    Publius V.

  8. “This new direction is not only shallow, it is dangerous.”
    Hyperbole much? Moving on…
    Bush defined 51 percent of voters as a mandate in 2004, so why not the Democrats in 2006? If anything, the Democrats have a better case, but I call bullshit on both of them.
    Moving on…
    I distrust anyone who talks about “not following the president” as if it were a bad thing. That’s Sean Hannity-crazy. Dude must have missed most of the last year in recovery to be able to say that with a straight face.

  9. He was referring to Social Security when he talked about following the President.
    You can’t deny that the Social Security system is going to kill us economically.

  10. Well, I could deny it. There’s a lot of conflicting (competing even) information about how bad Social Security is or isn’t. I think it’s a worse problem than most Democrats would tell you it is but not quite the problem that most Republicans would tell you it is… and that there are more pressing things to address.

  11. Rusty,
    Forget what the Democrats say and what the Republicans say, if that makes you feel better, and read the actuary reports from the Social Security Trustees. The program is literally going bankrupt.
    The problem plaguing Social Security is essentially a math problem. When the baby boomers retire there will simply be more money going out then there will be coming in. To deny this fact is to deny the math and the coming demographic changes in the U.S.
    We can argue seven ways to Sunday about the ways to fix Social Security, but to deny it faces fiscal bankruptcy without some form of change is to deny reality.

  12. Did I deny it is? No. Please stop putting words in my mouth. The question is when, which is where there’s conflicting information. Anyway, I don’t have the time or energy for a full SS discussion right now. My point was that anybody who offers following our president as a justification for anything is either loony, untrustworthy, or hopelessly out of touch.

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