Podcast with Herman Cain

This is by far the best podcast we’ve had. Herman Cain is a fun person to chat with. He has so much insight on so many issues. One thing I like about him as opposed to other Republicans is because he talks about economic liberty, which is his forte…and he doesn’t talk much about social issues. He stays true to the idea that if we have economic liberty, many social ills will solve themselves.

Among the topics discussed are capitalism, the 2006 mid-terms, the 2008 Presidential race and whether Mr. Cain will run for elected office again.

You can download the podcast here (28 MB and just over 30 minutes in length).

A big thanks to “Mattdog” for arranging the interview.

The music used in the podcast is “The Rising Tide” by Zao.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Club for Growth readers!