The Nanny State

President Bush preaches small government, however we know from his spending that he’s not. From the same federal government that has brought you the failed war on drugs, the failed war on poverty and the unsupported war on terrorism bring you…the war on pornography.
I’ll be the first person to admit that porn is stupid. But why is the federal government concerning it’s self with what you do in your own home? It may not be moral. It may not be healthy, but that is for you to decide. The federal government has no business to assert it’s self into your private life.
I mean…think about it, they haven’t even caught bin Laden. Terrorism is still alive in this country. Don’t they have better things to do than get involved in your personal life? Sadly, it doesn’t. More personal liberties down the toilet and government just keeps getting bigger.
“Left-wing politicians take away your liberty in the name of children and of fighting poverty, while right-wing politicians do it in the name of family values and fighting drugs. Either way, government gets bigger and you become less free.” – Harry Browne