Someone has come up with a great idea in the wake of the increased government spending in the response to Hurricane Katrina. Cut the pork spending.
There has been quite an effort to trim the morbidly obese spending coming out of Washington. Bush has promised, in FDR like fashion, to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Our country is financially strapped. Some Congressman and Senators don’t want to open their eyes to it. Tom DeLay said that there is nothing left to be cut from the budget. Of course any person with common sense can point out that their is.
Socialist Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is offering $70 million in pork money back to the government to help with the rebuilding process.
Locally, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland is proposing $44 billion in cuts over ten years, money which would come from NASA’s budget. (I like Westmoreland more and more everyday.) Senators Isakson and Chambliss have not responded.
I’m interested to see if Congressman David Scott will offer up any and all pork money (at least $87 million) being used for the commuter rail to the efforts in the Gulf Coast. I personally don’t believe rail supporters would support such a move. Well, rail supporters, would you be willing to give that up? Or are you people so fixated in this progressive nanny state ideal, where government is an endless piggy bank to give you everything you want, that you just can’t do it?
This rail is a luxury item that is being paid for at the taxpayers expense. It’s something that will fail. Mass transit cannot sustain it’s self, history has proven that. That’s why Norfolk-Southern stopped offering it in the 70’s. This is a pork project we don’t need. If the market exists for mass transit, let the free market supply that demand without government subsidies.
For futher reading on government spending and our looming fiscal disaster, please read Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) statement to the House of Representatives called The Coming Category 5 Financial Hurricane.