Our Shamed President

When you hear the name Jimmy Carter, what do you think of? Most people think of his most recent accomplishments…his Nobel Peace Prize or his work for Habitat for Humanity. He went to Venezuela and oversaw the re-election of avowed socialist Hugo Chavez.
Some of you may remember the disgraceful and disastrous Carter presidency. During his presidency our country experienced the worst economic problems since the Great Depression. We were embarrassed in front of the world as Carter showed his weakness to stand up against Ayatollah Khomeini during the Iran Hostage Crisis.
My fourth grade teacher, who tought Carter’s niece, once told me how great he was. I’ve gotten older, wiser and I’ve been able to read for myself.
I ran across an article a few minutes ago on Free Republic that caught my eye. This year the Georgia General Assembly passed legislation that would require a state issued ID when you vote. To me it’s a common sense issue. You have to be able to prove who you are to vote. However, Jimmy Carter doesn’t see things the same way. Carter called the George Voter ID bill “an absolutely obnoxious law” and added that it is “highly discriminatory.” Nevermind that the Justice Department, which is ran by a hispanic, approved the legislation.
Now, I understand that Jimmy Carter is bordering on senile, but what the hell is wrong with him? He had a miserable presidency. He actuallys believes that the bill “was specifically designed to prevent old people, poor people, and African Americans from voting.”
For the record there is no such thing as a right to vote. The Constitution only grants electors from each state the chance to vote. Don’t believe me? Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr (D-IL) is sponsoring an amendment to the Constitution that would make voting a Constitutional right.