Mayoral & City Council Elections

The stage is set for municipal elections in Henry County. If you happen to have websites or any other information about the candidates, please pass it along to
Hugh Lewis (I)
R.W. Coley
Ronnie Huggins
City Council:
Ed Hendry (I)
Ron Waits
Charlie Hearn
Darwin Jackson
Marty Meeks
Wallace Crews
Mary Ann Mitcham
Vincent Austin

Billy Copeland
Roger Pruitt
City Council District 1:
Rufus Stewart
City Council District 2:
Sandra Vincent
City Council District 3:
Bill Fort
Kathy Hubert
Wayne Smith
City Council (One at-large seat):
B.P. “Doc” Reeves (I)
R.J. “Gina” Riffey
Locust Grove
City Council:
Keith Boone (I)
Wilson Henley (I)
Kenneth McIntyre
Viann Doerr (I)
Margaret “Kim” Lee
Kenneth McIntyre
James “Sam” Rosser
R.G. “Rudy” Kelley (I)
Jane Askew Rutledge*
City Council:
Harold Cochran (I)
W.A. “Rip” Gardner (I)
Melanie Moseley
Bob Phillps
Harold Thibodeaux
Leila Turner
* Rutledge is listed, but did not qualify.
(Sources: AJC / Henry Herald)