Jimmy Carter and the 2000 Election

I found another article this morning on Boortz.com about Jimmy Carter. Carter was speaking at American University and got on the subject of the 2000 election. Carter said, “I would say that in the year 2000, the country failed abysmally in the presidential election proces” and “”There’s no doubt in my mind that Al Gore was elected president.” As I was saying yesterday, Carter is senile.
Each state has jurisdiction over it’s election process. We have 50 states,, there are 50 sets of rules. An independent investigation by the Opinion Research Center, which was sponsored by the Associated Press, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Washington Post, and other media corporations, found that all of the recounts requested by Al Gore or George W. Bush would have still resulted in a Republican victory. The only way Gore could have won was to do something which was never requested by either candidate. One reason it was requested is because the ballot would have included counting spoiled ballots, where more than one candidate is marked for one office. Essentially those who were recounting these ballot would have had to decide on the voter’s intent, which in court, would not hold up because it’s speculation…not fact. You don’t know who they were going to vote for, you can give the vote to one candidate over the other. This is one of the reasons why I support Instant Runoff Voting.
The Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 vote that using different standard of counting votes was a violation of the 14th Amendment (equal protection). Later, the Court ruled in a 5-4 vote that the Florida Recount was unconstitutional.
Okay, let’s say that for some reason that the Supreme Court ruled that the House of Representatives would have to decided the election, which has happened in the past (1800, 1824 & 1876). One can only assume that since the House was controlled by the Republican Party that Bush still would have won the election.
Carter really doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is a socialist. He wants socialism in the United States. He despises freedom and our Constitution.
I really hate that my first two posts on here have to do with this bag of douche.