Billy Copeland for mayor?

I’ve been reading over at Billy Copeland’s website. When you look at it, go to “A Vision for McDonough.”
Here are somethings on his list:

– Partner with the Henry County Board of Recreation to build a pool in the City of McDonough.
– Seek redevelopment grants to revitalize neglected housing areas.
– Develop a city wide Wellness and Fitness Program.
– Open an Internet Cafe on the McDonough Square to be used by all people―young and old.
– Support the City of McDonough’s efforts to partner with the Henry County Government to build a therapeutic and aerobic pool at Heritage Senior Center.

A “Wellness” program? A public pool? An internet cafe?! Should the taxpyers of McDonough have to pay for this? I think that these are all things that can be produced by the free market and not paid for by taxpayers. This is just wasteful spending. Redevelopment? That is a nice word for eminent domain.
I live in the city of McDonough. I need to look into voting for Roger Pruitt, but from what I’ve heard about him, he won’t be much better. I may not vote at all. I had thought about supporting Copeland, but after reading his “vision”, I can’t vote for him.
Anyone know anything about Roger Pruitt? My main question is his thoughts on eminent domain.

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  1. Regarding your statement that seeking redevelopment grants to revitalize neglected housing areas is “a nice word for eminent domain”— this is absolutely false. I am a strong believer in property rights. My Vision for the revitalization of neglected housing areas is based on uplifting the residents of those areas. On a City level, redevelopment generates a wide range of economic and environmental benefits. On a human level, we can not ignore these areas. This is a mistake of the past and I am dedicated to amending that because of the social and psychological benefits of revitalization.
    Thank you for your concern about eminent domain. I hope that I have made clear my position. Please do not hesitate to contact me about additional concerns.

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