2006 Elections

Nest year will be interesting. The Republican Party is battered, the sad thing is they don’t even know it. The Democratic Party is licking it’s chops. They see an invitation to feast on the American public’s frustration with the war in Iraq. Polls are showing that the American people are tired of the war. I’m sure that is the DNC’s top priority. Will they succeed? Howard Dean is their chairman, so it depends on the strategy. If the can offer a reasonable alternative to what the GOP is offering, and do it without impuning the President or Dick Cheney and so on, I think they have a chance of at least getting the House back. However, if they go for the jugular, I expect that it will backfire.
The Republican Party has to do something about the spending. I believe a lot of their base may stay home. I don’t know if the RNC is thinking that though, they are banking on the hardcore Christian conservatives, the ultra-religious right wingers that are taking over the party and running off the free thinkers (I don’t mean atheists, just people who can put their religious and personal beliefs to the side).
Here in Georgia, Governor Sonny Perdue is facing a tough re-election campaign. I personally don’t think he will make it. Cathy Cox will be the Democratic Party nominee. Mark Taylor doesn’t really have a shot against her in the primary. I don’t plan on voting for Cox or Perdue. I’ll most likely vote for Garrett Michael Hayes, a Libertarian. I know Hayes. He is a smart guy. I voted for him in 2002 when he ran for Governor.

All of the problems that Perdue has have been made by him. He has proposed a tax increase while he has been in office. He has increased the budget, after the Georgia Republican Party criticized the Democrats spending, but went on to propose the largest budget in state history. The GOP hasn’t been much better. He has invaded private businesses by signing the smoking ban into law. He has also failed to act on the eminent domain issue. Right now in Georgia there are documented cases of eminent domain abuse or local governments threatening to take private property through eminent domain. Perdue’s office says he plans to act in January when the state legislature meets for it’s next session. However, he could have acted sooner. Perdue, while trying to win brownie points with voters, called the legislature back for a special session to repeal the gas tax for one month. I know for a fact that Perdue was approached on the issue and decided not to act.
The Cato Institute has given Perdue a “D” in fiscal policy (you can view the full report on all states here.
For Lieutenant Governor, I’m most likely going to vote for and support Casey Cagle. Cagle is up against Ralph Reed. Reed is the former chair of the Christian Coalition and he was the Southeastern chairman for Bush/Cheney in 2004. Reed is bascially a theocrat. He is dangerous in my opinion…why? Because he is ambitious. However, I wish Herman Cain was running in this race.
If Reed wins the Republican Party primary, I’ll most likely vote for the Democrat, unless the nominee is Max Cleland. I can’t stand that guy. All of this depends on if the Libertarian Party can find a candidate. There are rumors, but nothing so far.
I live in Georgia House district 109. That race will be interesting next year. The incumbent is Steve Davis, a Republican. I worked against him last year. I voted against him in the primary and I voted against him in the general election last year. I worked on the campaign of the Bill Kochevar, the Libertarian that ran against him in 2004. But, I’ve been impressed with Steve. I’ve gotten to know him and he has earned my full support next year. He should be re-elected next year with no problems, as long as he doesn’t have any challenger in the primary. Now, he may not have any primary opposition, no one knows yet, but Steve has been very active, especially for a freshman. He has been fighting for individual taxpayer rights and for property rights and when you are as out spoken as he has been, you tend to make people angry.